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If you want a deluxe whelping spot for your dog, our top for our electric EZs Whelping Box for Dogs is the solution for you! This den tops off your EZS Portable Whelping box and provides your pups and dog mom all they need to start off life in comfort and style. 

This whelping box for dogs is placed on our Electric EZS Portable Whelping Box with Safety Rails. This box takes it a step up with the fully enclosed top. This provides a fully protected space for your pups. 

Our innovative top for electric EZs whelping box is designed with a slanted floor to ensure that the pups stay snugly positioned at the center, where it’s both warm and secure. Without this feature, they might naturally gravitate towards the colder edges. The elevated edges also offer a comfortable spot for the mother to stay cool, reducing the risk of overheating.

The Enclosed Whelping Box for Dogs boasts a built-in electronic thermostat, guaranteeing a consistently warm and safe environment for the pups without the potential hazards of makeshift heating pads. Additionally, using this portable box eliminates the fire risk associated with overhead heat lamps.

Crafted with a stainless steel body and equipped with hand-tightening nuts, these whelping boxes for dogs are built for durability. The washable floor mat is easily removable for effortless cleaning. To maintain your whelping box for dogs, simply wipe down the stainless steel daily and power wash the entire box and mat between litters. This routine will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant odors, ensuring the health and well-being of your pups!

With the walls and roof, your pups will feel like they have their own home. Each top for our electric EZs whelping box is outfitted with a locking door so your pups stay secure when you’re not around. The door also has a built-in window, which lets in natural sunlight to the interior while adding to the charm of the enclosed whelping box for dogs. 

Add this Enclosed Whelping Box for Dogs to your puppy-raising set-up to take it to the next level. Your pups will be kept warm, safe, and comfortable with all that this whelping box has to offer. Protect your pups with this practical and functional piece!


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Is it safe to use an enclosed whelping box?

Yes, it is safe to use an enclosed whelping box. It provides extra security and privacy, ensuring that the puppies don’t wander away and that the mother feels more comfortable during birth and nursing.

Can I use a dog crate as a whelping box?

You can use a dog crate as a whelping box. However, its design may not be suitable for the whelping process and the puppy’s early life. You’ll want to ensure that it has a sloped floor, no dangerous edges, and is large enough to accommodate both the mother and her puppies. You’ll also need to add bedding and ensure the puppies’ temperature stays within the appropriate range.  Adding a top to the Electric EZs Portable Whelping Box With Safety Rails offers the same protection as a dog crate, but with all these features already included.

How high should a whelping box be?

The height of the whelping box will depend on the size and breed of the dogs. As a general guideline, you’ll want the sides to be high enough to contain the puppies but allow the mother to get in and out easily. The enclosed top option will keep the puppies securely inside, so you don’t have to worry about a potential escape. The locked door allows the mother to come and go easily while keeping her pups safely inside.

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