Door Trim Kits

Did you just pick out your new dog kennel door, but you’re still in search of something to finish it out? Our dog door trim kits offer you a durable way to complete your doggy door installation. With a variety of sizes and types, you can find the right fit for your dog!

Our dog door trim kits are an excellent way to incorporate doggy doors into your kennel or home in an attractive way. These trim kits can be attached around the edges of your dog kennel door to cover any gaps or rough edges that came from the installation. Your pups will be going in and out of their door frequently, and if there are any rough edges, it could injure them. With a dog door trim kit, all of those sharp edges will be covered with a smooth and safe material.

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Why Dog Door Trim Kits?

Check out our selection of dog door trim kits and find the ideal way to finish out the entrance to your dog’s home! Ensure your dog is kept safe and healthy while adding an attractive aesthetic to your building.

Seals Your Kennel Doors

A dog door trim kit seals the gaps between the doggy door and the wall it’s installed in. This cuts back on drafts blowing through and chilling your pups. This will help you keep your dog’s home at a comfortable and consistent temperature. 

Our dog door trim kits come in a variety of sizes from 10×15 up to 17×30. Make sure you take into consideration the full-grown size of your dog and choose a kit that will easily accommodate your dog. Even if you have a small dog, make sure that he will have plenty of space to move comfortably through the opening without feeling squished. 

Different Sizes and Materials

These dog door trim kits also accommodate a variety of wall thicknesses. With the smallest wall accommodation being 3.5 inches and the largest being a 12-inch wall, you can choose precisely the dog door trim kit that fits your building. 

The material used to make these dog door wall kits is either plastic or aluminum. These materials are easy to clean and will last for years to come! You can also choose between a few color options. These options help you pick the perfect addition to your dog’s home.

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