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Find the new home you need for your pet with our dog kennels for sale at Backyard Pet Supplies! These kennels aren’t your average dog kennels. They give your pups a secure and protected outdoor and indoor space. This allows your pup to choose if he wants to be outside getting fresh air or inside during rain or bad weather.

Providing your pup with a safe and protected home is key to keeping them happy and healthy! At Backyard Pet Supplies, we are dedicated to providing you and your pups with top-quality products so that you can rest assured that your pup is well taken care of. Check out the different sizes we offer for our dog kennels for sale!

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Why Our Dog Kennels?

What sets us apart from all the other dog kennel manufacturers out there? We strive to be a cut above the rest of the crowd with our durable construction and high-quality materials. Each of our dog kennels for sale includes an exterior and interior space so that your pup can choose where he wants to spend his time.

Insulated Interior Box

Each of our dog kennels for sale includes a fully insulated interior box where your dog can escape from bad weather. Your dog can enter the interior box through a dog door that will shut once your dog is inside. This keeps the cold and rain outside and gives your dog a place to sleep during the cold months. The box is lined with glassboard that makes it easy to wipe down with a kennel cleaner. 

Protected Exterior Run Area

The exterior run area of your dog kennel gives your pup a place to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. This area is completely covered with a roof and surrounded by top-quality dog kennel fencing so your dog stays protected and safe. We use poly decking for the exterior run flooring, making hosing down your run a simple way to keep your kennel clean and sanitary!

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