8×16 Dog Kennel


  • Insulated Box
  • Covered Run
  • Poly Decking on Runs
  • Interior Lined with Glassboard
  • Fully Insulated
  • Plexiglass Dog Door
  • 11.5 GA Chain-Link Panels

On the lookout for a kennel that fits your custom measurements? Explore The Dog Kennel Collection and create a custom-made home for your canine companion.

Our 8×16 dog kennel is tailor-made for your four-legged buddy, providing a spacious and comfortable sanctuary. Crafted to accommodate up to two dogs, it allows plenty of room for play and relaxation. Delivered fully finished, these kennels are ready for your personalization to suit your pup’s preferences.

Step into this canine haven and find an insulated interior box that shields your pet from harsh weather. It’s finished with easy-to-clean glassboard lining, while the floor, constructed from ⅝ Smartfloor coated with poly-urea, guarantees durability and waterproofing.

This 8×16 dog kennel also includes an exterior play area, inviting your dog to bask in the outdoors and fresh air. The low-maintenance poly decking flooring ensures cleanliness, while sturdy pressure-treated floor joists form a reliable base. Quality chain-link fencing encloses the area, prioritizing safety without compromising ventilation.

Our dedication rests on providing superior products for you and your furry companion. Complete your setup with robust dog feeders, waterers, and climate control options to transform this 8×16 dog kennel into a cozy retreat for your cherished pets.

Take a look at our range of kennel sizes, or create a personalized haven for your beloved pet at The Dog Kennel Collection! Spoil your dog with our premium kennels crafted for years of comfort and delight!


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