Dog Kennels

Find the backyard dog kennels that you need to keep your pups secure and protected from predators! Whether you need a more temporary wire kennel for keeping your dog in for a short amount of time or a kennel that includes an interior and exterior run area, we have something for you. We use quality materials like welded wire kennel fencing and chain link kennel fencing to ensure that your pups are kept safe and protected, no matter what. 

Check out our different kennel options below! Our fully finished kennels include both an interior box area and an exterior run. The entire kennel is covered with a quality roof that keeps your pups protected from rain and snow. These kennels can be outfitted with kennel climate control features, whelping products, and so much more to give your dog a deluxe home! 

Our kennel kits come in either welded wire or chain link. These kennels are perfect for keeping your pups for short periods of time. Some of our different kennel kit sizes come with the option of a tarp roof to keep your pup protected from rain or sun! Choose the size that’s right for your pup from our range of options!

Which Backyard Dog Kennel is Best for You

Wondering which backyard kennel option is the best fit for you and your pup? We strive to give you just what you need to keep your pup safe and happy. Check out what each of our kennel options offers to find out which is the best fit for your needs!

Fully Finished Backyard Dog Kennels

Our fully finished dog kennels for sale are the best choice for someone looking for a more permanent housing option for their pup. These kennels have roofs over the entire structure and offer an enclosed interior space as well as an exterior run area. With this combination, your dog will have a place to get outside in the fresh air while still having a place to go when it gets cold or rainy. A finished kennel should be the one you choose if your dogs will spend more than a few hours in their kennel. 

Backyard Dog Kennel Kits

If you need a more temporary space to keep your pup for a few hours, our backyard dog kennel kits are perfect for you! The durable wire will keep predators out of your dog’s cage while keeping your pup safe from wandering off. Because these kennels don’t include an interior area, you shouldn’t leave your dogs in them for an extended period of time. These kennel kits are also great choices for extending your pups’ exercise run area. Choose these kennels for a durable containment area for your dog!

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