Kennel Floor Runs

When choosing a type of dog kennel flooring, you need to think about the surface of the flooring. Is it non-slip? Is it a material that will make your pups slip easily? Your dogs, especially pups that are learning to walk and elderly dogs, need a dog kennel flooring that offers good grip and stability. 

Each part of your kennel is important for different reasons. Every different component joins together to create a sturdy and secure place for your pets to live. One of the key parts of your pups’ home is the dog kennel flooring. Your dogs are on their feet pretty much constantly. Their feet take them on all kinds of adventures. At the end of the day, it’s essential for your dog to have a place where their tired paws aren’t overly stressed.

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Why Our Dog Kennel Flooring?

Not only is quality dog kennel flooring important for the comfort of your dogs, but it also enhances the cleanliness of your dog’s home. Dog kennel flooring that is made from quality materials makes your kennel an easier space to clean and keep sanitary. This keeps your pups healthy and happy!

Drainage and Sanitization

Dog kennel flooring that has drainage is perfect for the exterior run areas of your kennels. This cuts down on the accumulation of feces and urine and makes it just a matter of hosing down your kennel to clean it out. We believe that your dogs should have a top-quality dog kennel floor so that they have a safe and comfortable place to rest at the end of the day! We do all we can to provide you with the best quality dog kennel parts. Give your pups a home that’s fit for kings with our durable and sanitary dog kennel flooring!

Various Options

Our Versapad Dog Kennel Flooring is a great choice for the exterior run area of your kennel. It comes in 2×4 foot panels that have ¾-inch holes. The holes in the kennel flooring are a great size for dirt to fall through without causing your pups to trip in the openings.

The Black Vinyl Coated Wire comes in a roll that ranges in size from 24 inches wide to 72 inches wide. This dog kennel flooring has either 1-inch or 1 ½ -inch holes. You can choose the size you want for your kennel depending on the size and breed of dog you have. 

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