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Looking for replacement dog kennel accessories or a way to upgrade your pet’s home? We have a variety of accessories that help your dog’s kennel door to be as efficient and structurally sound as possible. Your dog deserves the best, and we’re committed to giving you the best!

Our dog door accessories give you ways to upgrade your dog kennel doors or replace damaged door springs. When working with high-energy canine friends, a peaceful and quiet environment is key to keeping them calm and under control. 

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Benefits of Our Dog Door Accessories

Check out our dog door accessories and find a way to upgrade your pup’s home. These accessories are quality-made and will be a great addition or replacement for your dog’s door! Find the dog door trim you need to complete your set-up at Backyard Pet Supplies as well!

Make Your Kennel Peaceful

Some dogs are easily frightened by loud noises, and there is no reason to put extra stress on them. This is especially true if you are working with rescue dogs that come from unstable and unsafe situations. Your dogs need a safe space where they can relax without being on edge. Equip your dog’s kennel doors with a Kwiet Klose Door Closer to keep the door slamming to a minimum and make your dog’s home a tranquil place.


Reinforce Your Doors

If you have a dog that you can’t seem to train to use the doggy dog, try a Trainer Door Stop to make your job easier! For our non-locking dog kennel doors, you can use a Dog Door Lock to keep your dogs in the kennel during bad weather or outside of the kennel during cleaning and sanitization. 

Maybe you already have a dog kennel door, but years of use have worn down the spring in the hinges, and you don’t want to buy a whole new doggy door. We have Replacement Dog Door Springs that fit all plexiglass and aluminum dog doors. This saves you time and money! Replacing the whole door can take up lots of valuable time, while simply putting in new springs is much quicker and easier.

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