Kwiet Klose Dog Door Accessory


  • Cuts down on banging doggie doors
  • Easy to install on new or existing doors
  • Tested at 240,000 cycles and still working
  • Creates a more relaxed and peaceful environment for your pups
  • Made from quality materials
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If you’re looking for a way to make your kennel a peaceful environment for your pups, a Kwiet Klose dog door accessory is perfect! These small additions to your dog’s door cut back on slamming doors and help promote a tranquil and peaceful environment.

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing, far better than we humans can. This makes them extra sensitive to noises, such as doors closing loudly. A door outfitted with Kwiet Klose will help reduce the noises in your dog’s home and cut back on their anxiety. 

Some dogs are more prone to phobias. This is especially true for dogs that you may adopt from a rescue shelter. These dogs have been through a lot and may have come from an unstable situation that has caused them anxiety. Providing these dogs with a home where they feel safe and comfortable is essential.

The addition of Kwiet Klose to your dog’s door will eliminate the loud banging of doors. These pieces are easy to install. You can choose to install them when you install a new doggy door or add them to an existing door. 

Our Kwiet Klose dog door accessories have been tested at over 240,000 cycles, and they’re still going strong! Invest in this accessory today and make your pups feel safe and secure in their home!

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