Puppy Care

If you’re about to have a litter of pups, you need to fully outfit your kennel with all you need to keep your newborn pups healthy and safe. We have the puppy care products that you need through all the stages of your pups’ lives. From our whelping beds for when they’re born to our weaning products for when they’ve graduated to their own space, Backyard Pet Supplies has the puppy care products you need!

Our puppy care products will give you what you need to give your pups a comfortable and safe start to their life. Check out our Dog Care Products to find the supplies you need to keep your dogs happy as they get older and larger. Looking for supplies to finish your kennel? We have the kennel parts and complete kennel kits you need as well!

How to Care for Your Pups

When your pups are introduced to the world, it’s important that they have a safe and comfortable place to call home. We understand the needs of breeders and family dog owners alike, so we keep whelping and weaning supplies in stock to give you and your pups a safe and happy first months of their lives.

Puppy Whelping Supplies

We stock a range of whelping nests and supplies to give you options for your pups’ bed. We offer different methods of heating for your whelping nests, as well as control boxes so you can easily regulate the temperature of your pups! Our whelping carpet is easy to clean and gives your pups a comfortable place to sleep. You can install this carpet on the floor of your dog kennel to finish the space!

Puppy Weaning Supplies

Weaning your pups is essential to them growing strong and independent. Sometimes, mom needs a little help with this! That’s why we stock weaning supplies for your pups! Our puppy weaning cages give you a place to safely house your pups and give mom a break. These cages come in a range of sizes, so you can find just the size you need for your puppies. You can also find the replacement doors and litter tray that you need to fix up your existing weaning cages.

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