Replacement Dog Door Spring


  • Compatible with all plexiglass and aluminum dog doors we offer
  • Easy to replace
  • Saves you from having to replace the whole door
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Did the spring on your doggy door just break and your dog is left with a faulty door? Rather than replace the entire door, why not just replace the dog door spring? We have quality replacement dog door springs that will save you time and money!

With a replacement dog door spring, you’ll spend a fraction of the amount you would spend on a new dog door. Plus, you’ll save yourself a lot of time. Replacing a dog door spring takes a matter of minutes whereas replacing the whole door is quite an involved and lengthy process. 

These dog door springs fit all plexiglass and aluminum dog doors that we offer. You may as well grab several while you’re at it! You never know when you’ll need one in the future. It’s better to have an extra spring around than to have a dog door that’s not functioning properly.

If you decide you want a whole new dog door, check out the options we have!


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