Trusscore Products

Trusscore panels are damage-resistant and will provide a durable finish as long as your building lasts– or maybe even longer! Trusscore products are simple and straightforward to install. They are light and only take one person to install. 

Are you looking for a durable and easy-to-clean way to finish out your dog kennel? Look no further than our Trusscore Products! These products are made with a high-quality polymer that makes them a more sustainable finish than drywall or fiberglass-reinforced plastic panels.

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Why Trusscore?

A huge benefit of Trusscore panels is their resistance to moisture. These panels won’t wear down in damp conditions. This makes the cleaning process easier and helps you not to stress when your energetic pup accidentally spills some of his water in his pen.


Brightens While Being Good for the Environment

Outfitting your dog kennel with Trusscore panels is a great way to brighten up your kennel. The white or gray color of the panels makes a small and dark space feel larger and more naturally lit. The light the panels reflect makes your dog kennel feel more spacious and modern.

Trusscore products are also good for the environment! Every product is 100% recyclable and can be made into new materials after it’s served its purpose in your kennel. We provide you with a Trusscore panel ranging in size from 12×16 inches to 16×16 inches. These panels interlock with a durable hidden fastener system. This allows you to choose how much wall space you want covered with Trusscore panels. 

Panels and Trim Options

We also provide you with options for Trusscore trim so you can finish out your kennel beautifully. Whether you need an outside corner or an inside corner finished, we have the trim piece for you! Our J Channel trim is used for the tops and bottoms of walls, window and door perimeters, and inside corners. The H Channel trim is for panel joints and transitions between products. The H Channel is a two-piece trim that is designed to accommodate panel expansion or contraction. 

If you are looking for an antimicrobial and durable way to finish your kennel walls, Trusscore products are the perfect choice for you! Invest in these high-quality panels and enjoy a top-notch kennel for years to come!

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