Trusscore Trim and Channel


  • Compatible with our Trusscore Panels
  • 10’ Length
  • Frames Walls, Windows, and Door Perimeters
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We offer a variety of Trusscore Trim options so you can find exactly what you need to complete your project! Whether you are finishing out your dog kennel, garage, or shed, these trim options pair with Trusscore Panels to make a durable and functional finish. 

The H-Channel Trusscore is a two-piece snap-in trim that is designed to work with panel joints, product transitions, and to accommodate the expansion and contraction of panels. These channels are compatible with wall and ceiling boards and slat walls.

Our J Channel Trusscore Trim is used as a perimeter for framing Trusscore SlatWall and RibCore. You can use this for the tops and bottoms of walls, inside corners, and SlatWall Framing.

The 10’ Outside Corner Trusscore Trim is designed to be used for 90-degree corners and perimeters. This works great for the perimeters of doors and windows!

The Inside Corner Trusscore Trim is designed to finish inside corners seamlessly. Instead of using two J-Trim pieces, simply use an Inside Corner Trim piece.

Each type of Trusscore Trim is easy to clean and helps keep moisture out of your building. Fully finish your building with trim from Trusscore for a durable and long-lasting finish!

Trim Type

H Channel, Inside Corner, J Channel, Outside Corner




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