Smooth Bright White Glass Board


Pricing is per foot

Different Widths Available 

  • 96”
  • 72”
  • 48”

Custom Lengths Available

  • Choose the length you need, up to 500 feet
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Say goodbye to wood damage on your exterior dog door with our smooth white glass board. This glassboard is designed to protect the dog doors from getting chewed and scratched on, this solution is a game-changer for pet owners and professionals who value both their home and their canine friends.

This smooth white glass board acts as a durable shield against dog damage, ensuring their doors remain pristine. Our glassboard offers easy installation, saving you effort and time. Built with weatherproof materials, this glass board can withstand the elements while protecting your dog’s safety. These glassboards remain intact, no matter the weather.

Firmly attach this white glassboard to your outdoor dog door, creating an impenetrable barrier that dogs cannot scratch or chew through. This offers a simple yet effective solution to keep the doors intact and your furry friends happy.  


48", 72", 96"


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