Trusscore Wall Panels 


Product Details:

  • Interlocking and durable 
  • Hidden fastener system


  • Insulating Properties: Trusscore panels are known for their insulating properties and can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs.
  • Low Maintenance: These panels are easy to upkeep and ensure a clean and odor-free environment for your dogs.
  • Waterproof and chemical-resistant: Not only are these panels waterproof, they can withstand exposure to a variety of cleaning supplies and disinfectants
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In the world of dog kennel design, balancing durability and cleanliness is paramount. These trusscore wall panels offer a cutting-edge solution that transforms your dog kennel into a space that excels in both strength and effortless maintenance. 

Dogs can be quite energetic, and kennel walls face a fair share of wear and tear. These trusscore wall panels are built to conquer the challenges of even the most active canine. Built from high-quality PVC materials, these panels are impact-resistant, preventing unsightly dents and scratches to maintain a polished appearance for years. 

In order to keep your pets happy and healthy, pet owners must prioritize cleanliness and hygiene. Trusscore wall panels offer a non-porous surface, that makes them easy to clean which reduces the risk of bacterial growth and unwelcome odors. Simply wipe them down with regular cleaning agents, and you’ll have a spotless surface in no time. 

These wall panels can also be helpful for noise reduction. Barking can be loud. Maintaining a tranquil atmosphere is important for the comfort of your canine and you. The trusscore wall panels help to keep the noise level to a minimum and contribute to a quieter environment. 

These trusscore wall panels are not only highly functional but they also add a touch of sophistication to your kennel. Their sleek, clean appearance creates a modern and inviting atmosphere, impressing both pet owners and visitors. 

Trusscore panels are not limited to kennels. These wall panels can adapt seamlessly to other pet-related spaces, such as grooming areas, and veterinary clinics. 

Investing in Trusscore Wall Panels is investing in the future of your dog kennel. These panels offer an unbeatable combination of strength, cleanliness, and aesthetics, ensuring your kennel remains a top choice for pet owners and a comfortable haven for their furry friends.

Don’t compromise on quality or hygiene when it comes to your kennel’s interior. Upgrade your space with these Trusscore Wall Panels today, and experience the transformation for yourself. 

Discover the ideal balance between durability and hygiene, setting a new standard for excellence in dog kennel design. Your kennel and its residents deserve the very best, and Trusscore delivers it with every panel.


12"x16", 14"x16", 16"x16"


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