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  • Heated whelping nest with temperature control device
  • Can be used with propane heater, 25-watt electric, or hot water
  • Compatible with Single Zone Whelping Nest Control Box
  • Installed in floor of kennel


  • Keeps your puppies cozy and comfortable
  • Ensures temperature of the nest stays in ideal range
  • Sloped design keeps pups from straying 
  • Perfect for puppies or older dogs during cold months
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Are brand-new puppies on the horizon? An Accutemp Whelping Nest will be the perfect way to welcome them into the world! Keep your puppies warm and cozy with this temperature-controlled nest. Our carefully designed nests are essential components of a dog’s home. This goes for professional breeders and pet owners alike. 

Puppies are delicate little creatures and they need to have a warm and comfortable place to call home, especially when they are first born. This Accutemp Whelping Nest provides them with a comfortable and safe place where they can thrive. 

Our whelping nests are temperature-controlled, so you can keep them at exactly the temperature that’s best for your pups. You can heat them with a propane heater, 25-watt electricity, or hot water. There are built-in sensors and digital thermostats that give you easy control over the temperature. 

Studies have shown that keeping a consistently warm temperature is crucial for at least the first two weeks of a pup’s life. During the first week of a puppy’s life, the nest temperature should be set between 85 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Our nest allows you to regulate your puppies’ temperature and monitor the whelping nest heater temperature. This way, you can make sure that it stays within an ideal range, and that your pups will be kept warm, happy, and healthy.

This dog whelping product is installed directly on the floor of your dog’s home. There is only a slight change in the levels between the floor and the nest. This keeps the pups from getting injured from a sudden drop on the floor. It also allows mom to easily get to her pups to feed and care for them. 

Check out our Accutemp Whelping Nests today to find the perfect addition to your pups’ home. This addition will add comfort and health to your pups and mom. You can also add on our Whelping Box Control for the Accu Temp Hot Water Whelping Nest to complete your package!

Use With

25 Watt Electric, Hot Water, Propane Heater


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How do you use Accu Temp Whelping Nest?

An Accu Temp Whelping Nest is used to heat and control the temperature of your puppies’ nest. It can be installed on the floor of a whelping box to help you control the temperature of their home. You can monitor the temperature if purchased with the Single Zone Whelping Nest Control Box. Its built-in sensors will adjust the temperature accordingly without you having to worry.

What temperature is the whelping nest?

You can set the temperature at any you would like. However, the ideal temperature in the first week of the puppy’s life would be 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

What should I use for the whelping nest heater?

 It can be paired with a propane heater, 25-watt electric, or hot water to keep the nest warm.


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