Digital Temperature Controller For Dog Whelping Nest


  • Compatible with our Whelping Control Box
  • Compatible with our Single Zone Whelping Nest Control Box
  • Either 12-v DC or 110-v AC
  • Can be programmed to heat or cool
  • Uses two sides of standard electrical relays
  • Switches off and on to regulate temperature
  • Use for animal cages, greenhouses, and more
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Did one of the controllers go bad in your Whelping Box Controller? We have the replacement part for you! We have Digital Temperature Controllers that fit our Whelping Control Box and Single Zone Whelping Nest Control Box. Now, if your digital temperature controller goes bad, you know where to go!

Our Digital Temperature Controller is a two-stage controller. It can heat or cool depending on your needs. In order to do this, the Digital Temperature Controller uses two different sides of standard electrical relays. When the controller is programmed to heat, it switches off when the desired temperature is met. When it falls below the set temperature, the Digital Temperature Controller will switch on and bring the temperature to the right place.

When set to cool, your Digital Temperature Controller will switch on when it is above the set temperature and turn off when the temperature goes below the set temperature. This allows you to have complete control over what temperature your pups live in. 

You can also switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on which measurement of temperature you’re most comfortable with. You can also choose between two different power sources. Our Digital Temperature Controller comes with either 12-volt DC or 110-volt AC. 

These Digital Temperature Controllers are compatible with our whelping box controllers, but they are also used for other purposes. You can use these temperature regulators in other animal cages, greenhouses, and more. 

Rely on this Digital Thermometer Controller to keep your pups at a consistent temperature no matter the weather outside. Give your pups all they need to thrive at the start of their lives. Keep the comfort and health of your pups as your top priority with a Digital Temperature Controller.


110-v AC, 12-v DC


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How do I use the digital temperature controller?

It can be used to control the temperature of your whelping nest, whether you want it to be warmer or cooler. If you set it at a desired heat, it will switch off when it reaches the right temperature. The heat will switch back on if it falls below the set temperature. If you need to cool it down, it can be set to cooler temperatures and will do the same to ensure it remains at the desired temperature. 

Do I need digital temperature controller for dog whelping nest?

While it’s not a requirement to have a digital temperature controller with your Accu Temp Whelping Nest, it will save you a lot of time and energy spent on monitoring the temperature of the nest. Because the built-in sensors adjust according to the desired temperature, you’ll never have to worry if your puppies are getting too hot or too cold.

What do I do if one of my controllers goes bad? 

If one of the controllers in your Whelping Nest Control Box no longer works, you can purchase this digital controller to replace it.


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