Single Zone Whelping Nest Control Box


  • Regulates temperature of whelping nests
  • Compatible with Accutemp Whelping Nests
  • Keeps your pups warm
  • Monitor the temperature of your pups
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If you have a whelping nest for your pups, you need a control box to regulate the temperature. If the temperature of your whelping space isn’t carefully monitored, your pups could get too warm or too cold quickly. 

This single zone whelping nest control box is compatible with our Accutemp Whelping Nests. When you pair these two together, it’s a winning combination. Your pups will be kept at a healthy temperature and you won’t have to worry about the temperature getting out of control.

Choose this whelping nest control box and enjoy the peace of mind that it brings you. You won’t have to constantly monitor if your pups are too warm or not warm enough. We care about you and your pups, so we strive to provide you with quality products that make taking care of your pups easy and rewarding!


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