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  • Dog whelping box equipped with safety rails 
  • Slanted floor keeps puppies from wandering to cold edges of whelping box
  • Comes with electronic thermostat to control temperature 
  • Removable mat that’s easy to wash
  • Made of stainless steel that can be easily power-washed


  • Made of easy to clean materials that help prevent build-up of bacteria and bad smells
  • Built-In electric thermostat prevents pups from getting overheated 
  • Slanted floor keeps mom on the cool edges and keeps puppies from straying from the warmth
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Our Electric EZS Portable Whelping Box creates a perfect place for your mama dog to care for her precious pups. These whelping boxes are carefully designed to provide your dogs with a sanitary and comfortable place to grow up. 

This portable whelping box is equipped with safety rails so the pups stay within the warmth of the heated floor. This also gives mom a way to get away from her pups for a bit to relieve herself or to eat and drink. 

Our portable whelping box has a slanted floor that keeps the pups in the center of the box where it’s the warmest and safest. If the floor wouldn’t be slanted, the pups would tend to wander to the edges where it’s colder. The higher edges give mom a place to stay cooler and avoid the risk of overheating. 

An Electric EZS Portable Whelping Box is equipped with a built-in electronic thermostat. This makes it easy to keep the pups warm and cozy without running the risk of suffocation from make-shift heating pads. Using a portable whelping box also helps avoid the risk of fire that comes with using an overhead heat lamp. 

The body of these portable whelping boxes is made of stainless steel and is built with hand-tightening nuts. The washable mat on the floor is easily removable for easy cleaning. All you need to do to maintain your portable whelping box is to wipe down the stainless steel every day and power wash the entire box and mat between litters. This will keep bacteria and bad smells from building up and your pups healthy!

Equip your dog’s home with an Electric EZS Portable Whelping Box today to keep your pups and mama dog happy and healthy. Built with quality materials, this piece is carefully designed to eliminate neglect and unhealthy pups while giving mom a comfortable place to care for her pups.


28"x36", 36"x46", 46"x52"


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How big should a whelping box be?

The size of the whelping box depends on the dog’s breed and the expected number of puppies. Smaller breeds would fit comfortably in our 28″ by 36″ option, while larger breeds would be better suited for our 46″ by 52″ option.

How does a whelping box work?

A whelping box is used to help a mother and her puppies through birth and the early stages of life. It provides a warm and safe space to help puppies regulate their temperature and to give the mom some privacy while nursing. It can be equipped with heating devices and safety rails to keep the puppies warm and prevent them from wandering to the colder edges.

How do you clean the whelping box?

Our portable whelping box is made of stainless steel and has a removable carpet that can be power washed to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

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