EZs Sloped Bottom Whelping Bed For Dogs


  • Sloped bottom whelping bed that helps puppies stay warm
  • Equipped with safety rails to keep mother cool and puppies safe
  • Heated with electricity or water to help regulate puppies temperature
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If you’re looking for a place for your dog mom to raise her pups in comfort and safety, look no further than the EZS Sloped Bottom Whelping Bed. These whelping beds are equipped with all your pups need to stay healthy and happy as they grow up.

When puppies are born, they are delicate and susceptible to sickness. It’s important to keep them at a consistently warm temperature, especially in the first two weeks of their life. You should find a balance between too warm and too cold. You don’t want your pups to overheat, but you also don’t want them to get too cold. Finding this balance is greatly helped by a whelping bed. 

Our whelping beds have a sloped bottom that helps the pups stay in the center. This part of the bed is where it is warmest and most protected. If the pups were pushed towards the edges, there would be a potential for suffocation or neglect. 

You can choose if you want safety rails on your whelping bed or not. The safety rails keep the pups contained in the space and give mom a way to get away from her pups for a bit to relieve herself and get some fresh air. 

Our sloped bottom whelping beds are heated with either electricity or hot water. You get to choose which of these heating options fits your needs the best. Whichever one you choose, your pups are sure to be kept warm and comfortable no matter the weather outside. 

Outfit your dog’s home with a built-in EZS sloped bottom whelping bed to keep your pups healthy and happy. The health of your precious pups should be your top priority, and we’re here to give you the products that make that as easy as possible!


28"x36", 36"x46", 46"x52"

Use With

25 Watt Electric, Hot Water


With Rails, Without Rails


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What is a whelping bed?

A whelping bed is a cushioned area where a mother gives birth to her puppies and cares for them during their early stages of life. It may have lower sides or be completely open, making it easy for the mother to access.

What is the difference between a whelping bed and a whelping box?

A whelping bed and a whelping box are very similar and differ only in small ways. A whelping bed typically features softer bedding and lower or no sides compared to a whelping box.

What do you put in a whelping bed?

You’ll want to put in soft and absorbent bedding such as blankets, vet beds, or towels. You can also include puppy liners to absorb fluids and keep the area clean and dry. You’ll also want to include a heating source if you need a way to keep the puppies’ temperatures regulated.

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