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Is there an upcoming litter of pups coming your way? This is a really exciting time, but there can be a lot of decisions to make about what you should use in your dog’s home that’s pup-friendly. Having a safe and comfortable place for your dog mom to bring her pups into the world should be your top priority. 

Outfitting the floor of your dog’s home with whelping carpet is an excellent way to create a comfortable environment for your pups. The soft carpet with provide them with a great place to rest. Whelping carpet also gives pups’ little feet a place to grip as they scoot around to find mom. 

Not only does whelping carpet help your pups to move around easier but it also makes clean up easier. Whelping carpet is made of a washable material. This way, after your pups are born, you can remove the carpet, wash it, and return it for another use. 

Outfitting your dog’s home with whelping carpet is a great way to get your pups started on a good foot– literally! With increased mobility from the grip of the whelping carpet and easy clean-up, your pups will grow up healthy and happy!


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