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This large whelping box control system can handle a lot of work! Keeping your pups at a comfortable temperature through any weather is key to their health, and this whelping box control is up for the challenge. 

This whelping box control system is compatible with our Accutemp Hot Water Whelping Nest and our EZS Hot Water Whelping bed. If you have multiple of these whelping boxes, this control system is just what you need to keep the temperatures of all of them properly regulated. 

Sometimes you may have more than one litter of pups, or maybe you need a designated space for a pup that’s a little under the weather. This is when having more than one whelping space comes in really handy. But, if you have more than one whelping space, it’s going to be difficult to stay on top of all the temperatures. You might not be able to keep track of each individual whelping box temperature.

This is where your whelping box control will come to your rescue. It can regulate up to five different whelping boxes. This allows you to have multiple whelping boxes without having to have an individual control box for each of them. We even offer custom control boxes, so you can choose exactly how you want them.

With a whelping box control system that can handle multiple different whelping boxes, you’ll have confidence that each litter of pups is getting exactly what it needs to thrive. We strive to offer you top-quality products that make it easy to raise healthy and happy puppies.


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