Puppy Weaning Cage


  • #1 solution for weaning age puppies
  • Keep puppies clean and limit disease
  • Also available with wash-down options
  • Custom sizes available
  • Available in single, double, or triple cages
  • Comes with a removable litter tray
  • Sizes available: Single- 30x48x28 inches, Double- 30x48x56, Triple- 30x48x84
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Are you looking for a sanitary and comfortable solution for housing your weaning-age pups? Our puppy weaning cages are the right choice for you! These custom cages are the #1 solution for weaning-age pups. 

Keeping your pups healthy and safe should be your top priority. Pups should have a place to call home that is easy to keep clean. This will decrease the chance of disease spreading and your dogs getting sick. 

Our puppy weaning cages’ standard size is 30” x 48”. You can choose if you want a single, double, or triple-tier cage depending on how many pups you have. These stackable puppy weaning cages are perfect for someone who has limited space to keep their puppies. 

Your puppy weaning cage is made out of heavy-duty wire mesh. This breathable finish makes your pups feel like they’re out in the open and lets natural light and fresh air flow into their cage. Even though these cages are top-quality, you should make sure that your pups aren’t solely housed in these cages. Puppies need a chance to get outside and exercise. 

There is mesh wire flooring on the base of our puppy weaning cages. This allows any dirt, waste, or spilled water to fall through the floor to the tray underneath. Because of this flooring, your pup’s cage is kept cleaner and more enjoyable for him. 

Each puppy weaning cage comes with its own litter box. These plastic litter trays slide in and out of a slot at the bottom of the cage. This easy removal makes cleaning up after your pups a breeze. Our weaning cages for puppies are also available with wash-down options to make cleaning even easier. 

A latching door is a standard feature of each of our puppy weaning cages. The secure latch will ensure that your pup doesn’t escape. If you need a replacement cage door for your puppy weaning cage, we’ve got you covered! 

Invest in a single, double, or triple puppy weaning cage today and give your pups a secure and clean home where they can flourish! These cages make the perfect temporary place to house your precious pups. You can rest assured, knowing that your pup is in a space that is easy to keep clean and sanitary!


Double, Single, Triple


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