Cage Door


  • Compatible with our Puppy Weaning Cages
  • Durable stainless steal construction
  • Wire mesh allows good airflow 

Sizes Available:

  • 16×17
  • 21×21
  • 27×28
SKU: 167, 162, 163 Category:

This stainless steel wire cage door fits our puppy weaning cages. If you’re looking for a replacement door or an additional door for your pup’s cage, this is the perfect choice for you to make. 

These cage doors are a durable and reliable addition to your pet enclosure. Designed with quality and longevity in mind, our cage doors provide security for your pup and easy access for you as the caretaker. This door is built to withstand daily use and ensures you years of use. 

These stainless steel wire cage doors range in size from 16×17 inches up to 27×28 inches with a size in between. You can find the size you need to fit your puppy’s cage. The wire mesh of this cage door allows for good airflow into your dog’s cage. This will help control odors and the temperature of the cage. 

Get your replacement stainless steel wire cage door today and enjoy the security and functionality that it provides your pup’s home. If you’re interested in a completely new puppy weaning cage, we have you covered as well!


16"x17", 21"x21", 27"x28"


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