Plastic Litter Tray


  • Compatible with Puppy Weaning Cage
  • Slides in and out of the cage
  • Equipped with handle for easy removal
  • Non-porous surface for easy cleaning
  • Sizes available: 30×24″ and 30×48″
  • Keeps your pup’s cage clean and sanitary
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Looking for a way to keep your pup’s cage cleaner? A plastic litter tray is the perfect solution for you! Our plastic litter trays are designed to keep your furry friend’s home clean and comfortable. Pups can be messy and if you don’t have an easy-to-clean cage, they can be prime spots for disease and germs to fester. 

Our plastic litter tray comes in two different sizes so you can find the right fit for your pup’s cage. Choose between 30” x 24” or 30” x 48”. Your plastic litter tray is made of durable plastic that will last for years. This durable material is made to resist wear and tear. 

These plastic litter trays are made of smooth and non-porous plastic that makes cleaning a breeze. You can simply remove the tray from your puppy’s cage and rinse off the tray. You can choose to wash it with mild soap or wipe it down with pet-friendly disinfectant to sanitize the plastic litter tray before you return it to the cage. 

The raised sides of our durable plastic litter trays help contain any spills or accidents. You’ll be grateful for this when your pup accidentally spills his water and it doesn’t go all over the place. Keep your dog’s messes contained with a plastic litter tray with sides.

These plastic litter trays are made for our puppy weaning cages. They fit right into the slot on the bottom of these cages and have a handle that makes removing them easy. If you need a replacement plastic litter tray for your puppy weaning cage, look no further! If you don’t have one of our weaning cages, our plastic litter trays can also work if your puppy cage is the right size. 

Choose a plastic litter tray today and create a cleaner and healthier environment for your pup to thrive in. You’ll be able to enjoy the durability and easy cleaning for years to come!


30"x24", 30"x48"


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