5-Foot Welded Wire Dog Kennel


  • Made in the USA
  • Includes All Accessories Needed for Assembly
  • Keep Your Pup Contained While Outside
  • Choose Between a Range of Size Options
  • Add a Top Roof for Protection from Rain and Sun
  • Durable Welded Wire Panels
  • Reinforced Corners for Sturdier Construction
  • 24″ Doors That Swing In and Out
  • Weld On Hinges
  • Bolt-on Butterfly Latches
  • Spray Painted with Cold Galvanized Paint
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Is your furry friend in need of a secure outdoor space where they can enjoy the fresh air without you worrying about them wandering off? Look no further! Backyard Pet Supplies offers the perfect solution with our 5-Foot Welded Wire Dog Kennels. These sturdy enclosures provide a safe haven for your pups to lounge and exercise outdoors, ensuring they stay put and don’t stray.

Our 5-foot Welded Wire Dog Kennels are equipped with everything you need for swift and easy assembly. Standard features of our welded wire kennels include 24″ doors that swing both in and out, weld-on hinges, and bolt-on butterfly latches. Once set up, consider adding a stainless steel feeder and automatic waterer to keep your pup well-fed and hydrated.

Check out our dog kennel parts and dog care to furnish your dog kennel and make it a safe haven for your dogs. Take a look at our dog vitamins and calcium, cleaning supplies for your kennel, grooming products, and more!

Crafted from premium 6-gauge welded wire, these kennels boast exceptional quality, with wires welded at each crossing point for heightened durability. This guarantees your pup stays securely inside while keeping potential predators at bay.

Opt for a tarp roof option with our 5-foot Welded Wire Dog Kennels to shield your furry friend from the elements, be it rain or sun. This addition ensures your dog remains comfortable while enjoying their outdoor space.

Looking for different heights? Explore our 4-foot or 6-foot options for kennels that suit your specific needs!


60"96"x120", 60"x48"x96, 60"x72"x120", 60"x72"x96", 60"x96"x96"

Tarp Roof

With Tarp Roof, Without Tarp Roof

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