Stainless Steel Dog Feeders


  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • 4-pound or 7-pound capacity
  • Keeps your dog supplied with food without needing to refill
  • Hinged lid closes securely
  • Easy to clean
  • Attaches to the wall with a bracket
  • Prevents food spills by being off the ground
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Your pup is growing up quickly and he has an appetite that confirms that. You need a reliable dog feeder that will last your pup as he grows up. One of our stainless steel dog feeders is the perfect addition to your dog’s home. 

Our stainless steel dog feeder has a 4—or 7-pound capacity. This large size lets you feed multiple dogs at one time or keep your pup well-supplied with food for a while. The food is well protected by the securely closing hinged lid on top. 

These dog feeders are made of super durable stainless steel. They are pretty much indestructible and will last you for years and years to come. Our dog feeders are easy to keep clean and sanitized. Keeping your dog’s food bowl clean is essential to ensuring that your dog stays happy and healthy. 

Built for functionality and practicality, these dog feeders can be attached to your dog’s home wall with a standard bracket. You can also upgrade the bracket to our Spring Loaded Feeder Bracket. No matter how it’s mounted, our dog feeders will keep your pups well-supplied with food. 

Without dog feeders, you can keep your hungry pup well-fed and content. These are lasting investments that will see you through many years of use. Dogs have a lot of energy, and they need durable kennel products that can withstand their mishaps. 

Check out our dog kennel parts and dog care to furnish your dog kennel and make it a safe haven for your dogs. Take a look at our kennel climate control features, cleaning supplies for your kennel, whelping products, and more!


4 LB, 7 LB


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