Vitamins & Calcium

Vitamins and minerals play a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of dogs, just as they do for humans. Dogs receive these nutrients from their regular diet if they are fed quality and natural dog food. It is beneficial for all dogs to have extra vitamins and minerals in their diet. 

Our vitamins and minerals for dogs are the perfect way to incorporate the needed nutrients into your dog’s diet. Whether your furry friend has a medical condition that causes them to need more natural vitamins, or you are just trying to keep your pup healthy through the winter months, these vitamins and minerals for dogs will foster healthy joints, correct nutrient deficiencies, and supply your dog with the necessary vitamins.     

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Benefits of Our Products

With our vitamins and minerals for dogs, your dogs will be kept healthy. You’ll also be preparing your dogs for the future by giving them the nutrients they need to prepare their bodies for aging.

Healthy Treats

The K-9 Aloe Treats from Pharm-Aloe are made using premium Aloe Vera. The ingredients also include glucosamine and Yucca Schidigera, which support joint function. Other ingredients, such as beef liver, chickpeas, and chicken fat, give the treats a delicious taste for your pups to enjoy. You won’t have any trouble getting your dogs to eat these vitamins and minerals for dogs. You can provide your canine companion with a tasty treat while creating a healthier lifestyle for them!


Dog Vitamins, Calcium, and Minerals

Our Pet-Tabs include 17 necessary vitamins and minerals for dogs. These nutrients work together to correct deficiencies caused by appetite loss or exclusively raw diets. These tablets have a tasty meat flavor that your dogs will love. You can feed them directly to your pups or, for your pickier eaters, crumble them up and mix them in with their favorite food.

Pet-Cal packs a wealth of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D in a small tablet. These tablets help build strong bones and teeth. As your dogs age, it’s important that you build up their strength to prevent future diseases. Strong bones and teeth are essential for dogs, especially as they age. 

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