4-Foot Welded Wire Dog Kennel


  • 4-Feet Tall (Exact size not pictured)
  • Various Widths and Lengths Available
  • 6-ga Welded Wire
  • Includes All Accessories Needed for Assembly
  • Keep Your Pup Contained While Outside
  • Choose Between a Range of Size Options
  • Durable Welded Wire Construction
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Does your pup need a place to get outside and enjoy the fresh air without the risk of him wandering away and getting lost? Backyard Pet Supplies has the solution you need! Check out our 4-Foot Welded Wire Dog Kennels. These durable kennels give your pups a place to relax and exercise outside while you can rest assured that they won’t wander away. 

Our 4-Foot Welded Wire Dog Kennels come with all you need to assemble them quickly and easily. Once your kennel is assembled, you can add a stainless steel feeder and automatic waterer to keep your pup well-supplied with food and fresh water.

The 6-gauge welded wire that these kennels are made of is premium quality. The wires are welded together at each crossing point for increased durability. This ensures that your pup is kept safely inside and predators are kept away from your pup.

If you need different kennel heights, check out our 5-foot or 6-foot height options!


48"x48"x96", 48"x72"x120", 48"x72"x96", 48"x96"x120", 48"x96"x96"

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