Plexiglass Dog Door


  • Outswing Side Hinge
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Lightweight 
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Your dog door search ends here! Check out our plexiglass dog door to find the perfect entrance and exit for your dog’s home. This door will be a durable and long-lasting addition to either your dog’s home or your own home. 

This plexiglass dog door is an outswing dog. This means that it only swings onward from the wall it is installed in. Your dog will be allowed to exit the building with very little effort. All he’ll have to do is learn how the swinging door works and walk through it. 

Entering will be a bit more difficult, but it is something that can be learned easily. Rather than just pushing through the plexiglass dog door like a dog door with flaps, your pup will have to learn how to open the door himself. This is easy for your dog to learn and the dog door has been outfitted with special features that help. 

The side of your plexiglass dog door is fitted with an angled piece of hard material. This allows your dog is get a grip on the door and nose it open. Once your pup gets used to this process, it will be a breeze for him to go in and out.

Having a plexiglass dog door allows your dog to enjoy the freedom of being able to get outside whenever they want. This will save them from having to wait for you to let them out to use the bathroom.

Outfit your home or the home of your dog with a plexiglass dog door today! Built durably, this door will provide years of use for your pups. Give your dog the freedom to exercise on his own time by installing a dog door!


10"x15", 12"x18", 14"x19", 15"x21", 17"x20", 17"x24", 17"x30"


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