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  • With Exterior shutters
  • Improves air circulationĀ 
  • Regulates temperature in the kennel
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Keeping a poorly ventilated kennel is an unfortunate mistake that many kennel owners may tend to make. Having proper airflow in your dog kennel is vital for healthy dogs and moisture control. Our Gable Vents are designed to keep your kennel well-ventilated and create proper airflow. 

By installing gable vents, you allow fresh air to flow into your kennel and remove stale air, odors, and humidity. In humid weather, it is especially important to have some type of airflow or ventilation system established in your dog kennel.

Not only do Gable Vents allow for proper airflow and moisture control, but they also help to regulate the temperature in the kennel, allowing warm air to escape in the hot seasons and reducing condensation in the colder months.

Be sure to consider where you place the gable vents in the kennel. You will want properly sized vents to provide the right amount of airflow without overexposing your dogs. Cross ventilation in the kennel generally provides the best results. 

To ensure long-lasting vents, be sure to maintain them by cleaning them when necessary and removing any blockage that can prevent proper airflow into the kennel.Ā 

Choosing Gable Vents for your dog kennel may be a wise choice to ensure proper airflow, temperature control, and humidity levels in your dog kennel.

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