Ceiling Fan Control


  • Control the speed of your fan
  • Change the direction of your fan
  • Control your fan without needing to reach
  • Great for high ceilings
  • Help keep your kennel at a consistent temperature
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Ceiling fans have been around for a long time in homes and offices, providing efficient and cost-effective cooling and air circulation. But what if there’s a way to take your ceiling fan experience to the next level? Imagine having complete control over your 56” ceiling fan, a way to not only enjoy the cooling breeze but also tune it to the exact preference suitable for your pups. Our reversible and variable speed switch ceiling fan control is designed for our 56” ceiling fan. Whether you’re planning to install a new one or upgrade your existing ceiling fan, our fan control is your go-to. 

One of the standout features of our reversible ceiling fan control is the ability to change the direction of the ceiling fan’s rotation. During the summer, you can set the fan to spin counterclockwise, creating a cooling breeze that makes you feel cooler even if the room’s temperature doesn’t drop. In the winter, just switch it up to spin clockwise. Your ceiling fan will gently recirculate the warm air stuck up near the ceiling, making the kennel cozier without increasing your heating bill. 

Proper air circulation is important for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. These fan controls facilitate that by preventing stagnant air year-round. They help distribute conditioned air evenly throughout the room, eliminate hot and cold spots, and ensure your canine experiences consistent comfort. 

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