Heated Dog Mat


  • Great for Older Dogs and Puppies
  • Designed to Adjust to the Outside Temperature
  • Gives Your Dogs a Warm and Comfortable Place to Rest
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Do you have an older dog who is easily chilled? Or do you just want to give your pup a cozy place to rest? A heated dog mat is the perfect solution for you! Your dog will love the gentle warmth that these heated dog mats provide.

These heated dog mats are designed to adjust to the outside temperatures and the temperature of your dog. It is designed to heat to 37 degrees above the temperature of the area surrounding it when it’s on the highest setting. 

When your dog lies on the mat, the temperature automatically rises to meet the temperature of your dog’s body temperature. It will then rise an additional 37 degrees to keep your pups warm and toasty. If you don’t want such an increase in temperature, you can simply choose a lower setting on the rheostat controller. 

With this heated dog mat, you should ensure that your dog is able to get off of the mat and that he has a space where he can rest apart from the mat in case he gets too warm. You should also make sure that you are using cord protectors so that your dog won’t accidentally damage the cords and injure himself.

Adding a heated dog mat to your dog’s home is a perfect way to give them a cozy and comfortable place to rest. You should not use this for a whelping nest for mom and her pups. 

Give your furry friend a refuge from the cold outside with their own heated dog mat. Whether young or old, a dog will love the warmth that these mats provide!


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