5-Foot Chainlink Dog Kennel


  • 5-Feet Height
  • Various Widths and Lengths
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes All Accessories Needed for Assembly
  • Keep Your Pup Contained While Outside
  • Choose Between a Range of Size Options
  • Add a Top Roof for Protection from Rain and Sun
  • Durable Chainlink Wire Construction
  • Reinforced Corners for a Sturdier Kennel
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Looking for a safe outdoor space for your dog? Look no further than our 5-Foot Chainlink Dog Kennel. This setup grants your furry friend the freedom to relax in the open air while staying within bounds and shielded from wandering away. It offers space for them to roam without the constraints of a leash or cable.

Available in various dimensions, our 5-foot chainlink dog kennel is an ideal fit for medium dog breeds. Depending on your pup’s space requirements, larger or smaller pens are also an option.

Every size of our 5-foot chainlink dog kennel can be equipped with a durable tarp roof, ensuring your dog remains sheltered from both rain and sun.

Upon arrival, your 5-foot chainlink kennel comes complete with all the necessary hardware and accessories for hassle-free assembly. Once set up, it becomes a lasting abode for your pup, guaranteeing years of fresh air and exercise without the worry of them straying or getting lost.

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Beyond containing your dog, this fence acts as a barrier against potential predators. Thanks to its sturdy chainlink construction, it ensures your dog’s safety and security and prevents them from chewing a hole in the kennel. If they do manage to chew a hole in one of our panels, we’ll replace it for free!

If you’re in need of a different-sized enclosure, explore our 4-foot or 6-foot options!


60"96"x120", 60"x48"x96, 60"x72"x120", 60"x72"x96", 60"x96"x96"

Tarp Roof

With Tarp Roof, Without Tarp Roof

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