6-Foot Chainlink Dog Kennel


  • 6-Feet Height
  • A Variety of Lengths and Widths Available
  • Includes All Accessories Needed for Assembly
  • Keep Your Pup Contained While Outside
  • Choose Between a Range of Size Options
  • Add a Top Roof for Protection from Rain and Sun
  • Durable Chainlink Wire Construction
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In search of a secure outdoor area for your furry pal? Look into our 6-Foot Chainlink Dog Kennel—a perfect solution for giving your dog the freedom of the outdoors while keeping them safe and contained. This setup allows your pup to enjoy fresh air without the risk of wandering off. Plus, it provides ample room for them to stretch their legs without feeling constrained by a leash.

Our 6-foot chainlink dog kennel is available in various sizes. The tall 6-foot height makes it an excellent fit for larger dog breeds. Depending on your dog’s space needs, you can opt for a larger pen.

Each size option of the 6-foot chainlink dog kennel includes the choice of a durable tarp roof, ensuring your dog stays protected from rain and sun exposure.

When it’s delivered, your 6-foot chainlink kennel arrives with all the necessary hardware and accessories for quick assembly. Once set up, it becomes a lasting haven for your pup, guaranteeing years of outdoor enjoyment without the risk of them wandering off.

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Beyond keeping your dog contained, this fence serves as a protective barrier against potential predators. Thanks to its resilient chainlink construction, it ensures your dog stays safe and secure.

If you require a taller enclosure, explore our 4-foot or 5-foot options!


72"x48"x96", 72"x72"x120", 72"x72"x96", 72"x96"x120", 72"x96"x96"

Tarp Roof

With Tarp Roof, Without Tarp Roof

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