Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Bracket


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Looking for a way to get your Stainless Steel Dog Food and Water Bowls off the ground and out of the way of energetic little pups? Our Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Bracket is here to save you! 

Our dog bowl brackets fit 3-quart Stainless Steel Dog Food and Water Bowls. They are made to be used with chain-link or welded wire kennel fronts. The brackets easily attach to the wire and keep your dog’s food and water bowls off the ground. You can choose between a bracket that fits one or two 3-quart bowls. 

This keeps your energetic little pups from accidentally knocking over their food and water bowls. Pups can be crazy, and lots of accidents can occur because of all their energy. This can lead to big messes and wasted food and water. A dog bowl bracket will add stability to your dog’s bowls and keep them secure when accidental bumping happens. 

Dog bowl brackets also make it easier for your dog to reach their food and water. The elevated position of their food and water promotes better posture while your dogs are eating. This helps reduce strain on the back, neck, and joints of your dog.

Add a Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Bracket to your pup’s pen to cut down on messes and make eating more pleasant for your dog. You’ll love the brackets because they save you from cleaning up so many messes. Your dog will love it because it’ll have more room on the floor and in its home, and it won’t have to stoop to eat and drink!

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