90-Foot Retractable Hose Reel


Product Description: 

  • 180 Degree Swivel Wall Mount
  • Hose Locks at Any Length
  • G-Self-Layering System Keeps Hose Neat
  • Pre-Installed Flexible Hose
  • 90 Feet Long Hose
  • ⅝ Inch Hose Width
  • Spring-Loaded Rewind
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Adding a retractable hose reel to your dog’s kennel will greatly enhance the efficiency and convenience of cleaning the space. When caring for and raising pups, it’s essential that they have a clean and sanitary home. Equipping your dog’s home with a hose makes your job much easier. 

With its seamless retraction mechanism, the hose neatly coils back into the reel. Our Retractable Hose reel is equipped with a G-Self-Layering System that helps guide the hose into a neat coil when it is retracted. This keeps your hose from getting tangled and kinked. 

An adjustable lock on this retractable hose reel lets you lock the hose in place at any length. You can adjust the lock with gentle pulls. This allows you to work with only the amount of hose that you need without excess getting in your way. 

This adjustable hose reel is designed to be mounted on a wall. The mounting bracket supports up to 180-degree rotation. With this feature, you can store the hose reel against the wall to save you space!

If you have a dog kennel with a wash-down run, adding an adjustable hose reel is the next step to making your kennel as functional as possible. The use of this hose reel doesn’t end with your dog’s kennel. You can use this all over your property for various uses!


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