30-Inch Flexible Water Supply Line


Product Information

  • Compatible with Adjustable Water Nipple
  • Connects a Faucet with a Water Supply
  • 30-Inch Length 
  • ½-Inch Connectors
  • Braided Stainless Steel
  • Flexs Without Kinking
  • Makes for Easy Installation
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Did your flexible water supply line give out after years of use? Whether it’s the connection between your faucet and the water supply or your dog’s water nipple and the water supply, if a flexible water supply line goes bad, you’re in trouble! 

When the supply of water is cut off from your dog’s water nipple, it leaves your dog without easy access to hydration. Giving your pets access to fresh water at all times is key to keeping them healthy and happy. In order to do this, you need to keep your watering set-up up to date and well-maintained.

Keep an extra flexible water supply line on hand to ensure that your dogs always have a supply of water. Our 30-inch flexible water supply lines are durable and tough and will last you and your pups for years to come!


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