3/8” Biothane Puppy Collar


  • 11- Inch Length
  • Premium Quality Construction
  • Adjustable Design
  • Vibrant Colors and Styles
  • Easy-to-Use Buckle
  • Comfortable for Daily Wear
  • Durable D-Ring for Leash Attachment
  • Easy to Clean
  • Safe and Secure
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Our ⅜” Beta Puppy Collar is the perfect blend of style, comfort, and durability tailored specifically for your precious pup. Crafted from high-quality Beta material, this collar is designed to withstand the energy and playfulness of your growing puppy. The ⅜” width strikes a perfect balance, offering both strength and a lightweight feel for your furry friend.

Express your pup’s personality with our array of vibrant and fun colors. The ⅜” width ensures a comfortable fit for your puppy, making it suitable for everyday wear. The Beta material is not only durable but also soft against your pup’s delicate fur and skin.

Ready for walks and adventures, the puppy collar features a sturdy D-ring for easy leash attachment. Enjoy your outdoor activities, knowing your pup is secure and stylish. Putting on and taking off the collar is a breeze with the easy-to-use buckle. No more struggling with complicated fastenings – our collar is designed for convenience and efficiency.

Life with a puppy can be messy, but cleaning up is a breeze with our Beta Puppy Collar. Simply wipe it down or rinse it off for a fresh and clean look. ​​Your puppy’s safety is our top priority. The Beta material is non-toxic and resistant to odors, ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for your furry companion.


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