Lixit Water Nipple


  • Mounts a 1/2 inch pipe fitting
  • Water flows out of the center of the nipple
  • Adjust the flow of water from 20-60 PSI
  • Can be installed horizontally or at an angle
  • Crafted from top-quality stainless steel
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Are you looking for an alternative to water bowls to keep your dog hydrated? Look no further than a Lixit Water Nipple! These little pieces always provide fresh and clean water to your dogs. They also reduce water spills and other messes that come with water bowls. 

Are you tired of constantly refilling your dog’s water bowls only to have them quickly spill? Sometimes, keeping your dog hydrated can feel like an endless cycle of refilling and spilling. Thankfully, we have a great alternative that will make your job easier!

A Lixit Water Nipple works as a self-serve dog waterer. When your dog licks the control lever, the water nipple releases water. As soon as your dog stops licking, the water shuts off. This lets your dog get a drink whenever he’s thirsty and saves you from cleaning up spilled water bowls.

To avoid wasted water, you can regulate the amount of water that is released from the water nipple. This is regulated by one of the orifice discs that is included in each Lixit water nipple. The water pressure can be adjusted from 5 psi up to 100 psi.

Ready to stop refilling water bowls constantly and invest in a Lixit water nipple? All you need to do is screw this piece right onto any standard ½-inch pipe fittings. They can be horizontally installed or installed at a 45-degree angle to make your pup’s access easier.

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